Boundless Connections™ TECH Launch program starts October 5

Christina Lopez, Boundless Connections CEO, works with TECH Launch participants at the pilot location in Olean, NY, during the winter 2020 session.


The first session of TECH Launch, a program geared toward helping people find focus and develop skills for employment, higher education or entrepreneurship, starts Oct. 5, 2020, at Boundless Connections Technology Center in Rochester.

TECH Launch, a collaboration between Boundless Connections and Strength Solutions, verifies participants, ages 17 and over, have basic technology skills including but not limited to the effective use of Microsoft Office programs, email communications, internet searches and online calendars.

Other skills developed include timeliness, goal setting and tracking and self-assessment.

“We are excited to be expanding this powerful program to the Rochester community,” said Christina Lopez, CEO of Boundless Connections. “The pandemic has made technology front and center for the entire workforce and this program makes sure people have the essential skills needed to navigate and succeed in this new economic reality.”

“We see life-altering changes in our participants. In the beginning we focus on identifying and moving towards their goals. Once that happens, their energy and self-confidence rise and their growth really accelerates,” said Mike Marvin, Strength Solutions executive director.

In compliance with COVID-19 guidelines, each session will host a maximum of 15 participants, with three potential time slots available (morning, afternoon and evening) as sessions fill up.

TECH Launch members set their own three-month goals and meet one-on-one with a mentor weekly to assess their progress.

They also receive leadership development training through an introduction to The Virtues Projectâ„¢, an internationally recognized program focused on recognizing and using character strengths to develop and maintain personal and professional relationships.

Members use Boundless Connections’ TECH Connect Tracking System to log and verify their skills. Participants can also post and send their personal report link to employers along with their résumé.

Boundless Connections is committed to making sure everyone has access to this program and Strength Solutions has secured funding to offer scholarships.

For more information and to join, visit, email or call (716) 379-3347. The program includes membership to the Boundless Connections Technology Center at Sibley Square, 260 E. Main St., Rochester, NY.

The Boundless Connections Technology Centers make state of the art digital technology accessible for everyone. The tech centers provide a focal point for young and old with various skill sets and interests to collaborate and utilize the power of cutting-edge technology. The programs and events are designed to develop a technology pipeline and create a pathway for people to engage and solve local challenges with technology. These programs and events are tailored to various interest groups or demographics.

As a nonprofit, Strength Solutions brings together the resources to purchase state-of-the-art equipment, award program scholarships and renovate and expand the technology center.

Along with scholarships and funding resources, Strength Solutions provides strength-based solutions training, including acknowledging strengths and working on growth, setting clear boundaries, using restorative justice for conflict resolution and healthy relationships, and developing coaching skills to help others focus on strengths.

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