What We Offer

We offer a comfortable place to explore technology at your own pace. No need to keep up with a group, no need to slow down until people catch up. Your community technology center makes keeping up with the changes in tech a personalized experience. 


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Your Goals.

What do YOU want to accomplish?

Your Pace.

Go as fast or as slow as you prefer.

Your Community

When you know it, show it.

Day Passes & Memberships

Swing by anytime and enjoy flexible hours and availability. Someone is there to help you along the way!

Clubs & Groups

Meet once a week with a group of people to explore tech related to a specific topic or profession.

Pipeline Programs

For those who are drawn to digital technology and want to explore what is available and possible.



The tech center provides a focal point for young and old with various skill-sets and interests to collaborate and utilize the power of cutting-edge technology. 

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