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TECH Launch is a 3-month program for people 17 years old and over who want to take time to get moving on their next career goals. The program is 15 hours per week for participants work on their self-specified goals and certifications.

Each week includes mentoring by a Boundless Connections certified facilitator and tech instruction in the effective use of: • Microsoft Office • Email communications • Internet searches • Online calendars • Social media • Audio/video editing

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This program includes membership to the technology center, mentoring, basic tech training, and tutoring.

More about TECH Launch:

career and workforce development for 17 and over

A 3-Month Program

TECH Launch is 15 hours per week for participants to work on their self-specified goals and certifications.

A tech center membership is included giving participants access to technology 24/7 as they pursue their goals.

Self-Paced and Personal

Participants engage at their own pace so they don’t have to try to keep up… or wait up for others. 

This means they can progress quickly or take more time as needed to accomplish their goals. 


Participants will set their own 3 month goals and meet with a mentor once a week.

Goals and skills will be tracked with state of the art software which can be shared with future employers and colleges.

Embracing Technology

Recognizing technology is a powerful tool, this program is a constant conversation about using technology in the workplace.

The tech training is designed to emphasize tech in common work environments.

Career Connections

TECH Launch interacts with various local industries and organizations.

As a result, many participants are offered internships and other job opportunities during various events and tours.

Core Communications

Certification in the 12 hour “Intro to The Virtues Project” is included – a program recognized by the United Nations and helps build professional communication and leadership skills.

Health & Safety Has Always Been a Priority

As a community technology center we have always been committed to the health and safety of our guests, visitors, participants and members. 

We have always had hand sanitizer and sanitizing spray within reach of all equipment. 

We’ve taken additional measures to ensure compliance with COVID19 safety standards.

Health Standards and Compliance

Additional Steps Taken for COVID19

In addition to our standard health and safety procedures, we now also:

  • Provide a sanitized face shield to all guests, visitors, participants, and members
  • Installed touchless faucet, soap and paper towel dispenser
  • Keep the door propped open during staffed hours



The tech center provides a focal point for young and old with various skill-sets and interests to collaborate and utilize the power of cutting-edge technology.
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